Bulgarian Gambling Industry to be regulated by National Revenue Agency

Following late embarrassments that prompted nullification of State Commission on how to choose slot games Gambling, Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency charge authority has been placed in control to manage the nation’s quickly developing betting industry.

As per neighborhood media reports, the Bulgarian government disintegrated the State Commission on Gambling last Saturday following two major outrages that brought up difficult issues in regards to the commission’s viability in successfully and capably taking care of the country’s betting industry.

Alexander Georgiev, the Chairman for the State Commission on Gambling, needed to resign from the job in February this year after he was addressed as a feature of a test that was dispatched over charges that neighborhood betting big shot Vasil Bozhkov owed more than $182 million in neglected duties. Bozhkov works the Eurofootball sportsbetting business, the country’s most established sportsbook organization that got its working permit suspended for a considerable length of time in March in the wake of being hit with the charges.

The claim connected with neglected expenses surfaced only half a month after another Bozhkov-connected betting endeavor called National Lottery AD’s working permit was dropped by the controller. Public Lottery, the administrator behind the iGaming site 7777.bg, experienced significantly greater humiliation and was left very nearly insolvency when its sportsbook innovation supplier Kambi Group subsequently racked its stockpile contract.

Responding to these insults, the Bulgarian government passed an action to formally disintegrate the State Commission on Gambling and put the National Revenue Agency accountable for the nation’s betting industry. The National Revenue Agency is right now working under the authority of Galya Dimitrova.

This Bill 054-01-51, which prompted the abrogation of the State Commission on Gambling, was accounted for planned by ideological group GERB’s Alexander Ivanov, who has for quite some time been requesting a total redesign of the nation’s betting scene to make it more responsible and liable.

Prior, Valeri Simenov from the conservative ideological group National Front for Salvation had effectively presented an action that gave all lottery game freedoms over to the state-claimed Sports Totalisator. That action subsequently pushed various private lottery administrators out of the market. It very well might be noted here that Simenov’s National Front for Salvation ideological group is administering Bulgaria in association with its Volya, IMRO and GERB partners. Presently, the previous Deputy Prime Minister is enthused about shutting the vast majority of the nation’s opening parlors and permitting a couple of coordinated club resorts to work along the global lines of the country

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