2021 betting industry forecast

Every year, new gaming trends arise in the betting sector. Trends come and go.

In 2020, the worldwide pandemic interrupted sports and affiliated parties. The sports betting sector is likely to get better in 2021. Here are some industry forecasts for 2021.


Africa’s digitalization has balanced land-based and internet gaming. Online gambling outperforms traditional gambling. Changes in African policies and beliefs have boosted online gambling. Digitization has greatly aided online gambling for the following reasons. Many African governments now allow internet gaming. Online bookmakers in Africa employ tempting incentives and bonuses to gain market dominance, and as a result, certain African states have collected cash.

Because sports betting bookmakers are popular even in rural African communities, digitization will continue to rise throughout Africa. African governments are working to link all Africans to the internet.

Football is a major sport in Africa, and fans go to betting parlors to watch and wager on their favorite teams and players. Sport will increase digitalisation by 2021.

Africa’s population is young. Various studies show that youngsters are the most active in betting and gambling. These days’ kids utilize their phones to visit betting sites. The adoption of smartphones and decent internet connectivity will boost the sports betting sector in 2021.


Mergers are widespread in both Africa and Europe. Various businesses, including the betting industry, have merged in recent years due to competition.

According to Digitain’s Peter Nolan, further mergers will occur in 2021. Sportsbooks will have to combine to maintain clients and market strength.

How to Bet on Sports

The sports schedule was hampered by global uncertainty. These developments impacted the sports and betting industries. International and local sporting events were postponed because of the epidemic.

Sports events like the English Premier League and La Liga helped the sector recover. This led to new business models such as virtual reality gaming and more online betting games. Since then, betting businesses have witnessed a shift in income as a result of the adjustments.

As affiliate sports companies are working on how to contain the pandemic, plans are underway to hold the EUFA Euro 2020 from June 11 to July 11, 2021, as reported by Henrik Tjarnstrom, the CEO of Kindred Group, and Jesper Svensson, CEO of Betsson Group.


Although African land-based betting shops and casinos were not as badly hit as those in the US and Europe, they did suffer some income losses. Some betting shops and casinos were temporarily shuttered to enable their governments to combat the infection.

With the return of sporting events and sports betting businesses, the retail sector is expected to improve in 2021.


The only option for betting enterprises to survive in 2021 is to adapt to new global shifts. One solution is to change their business strategy and add new online games with attractive discounts to attract more people.

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