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Review of the MaxBet Casino

If you’re looking to make a big bet at a Romanian online casino, MaxBet is the place to go. The MaxBet group is the market leader in this region of Europe, not only via its successful website, which has been in operation since 2006, but also through its presence in more than 150 land-based casinos.

The brand has seen tremendous development, and its goal is to become not just a big player in Central and Eastern Europe, but also the premier gaming operator in the whole European Union. When it comes to expanding your net broad, the internet, of course, is the best option since it reaches locations that you just cannot reach from your own couch, armchair, or workstation. This European strength does play a role in the operation of the company’s online strategy, as the money flowing in from so many different areas contributes to the creation of some very large jackpots.

Everything is in Romanian.

If you’re an English speaker, the first thing you’re likely to notice about MaxBet is that the whole site is written in Romanian language. To summarize, unless you’re a complete linguistic genius who can take up languages in nanoseconds, you’ll be best served by using the translate feature on your online browser. Nevertheless, although using this method will allow you to explore and comprehend what is happening, there will still be certain parts that do not make sense to you.

It’s also quite slow, and it takes a long time for part of the text to catch up with the rest. When you combine it with a currency that is significantly less extensively used than the main players (EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, and so on), you may find yourself in a bit of a bind at first. It should be noted that Euros are accepted; however, they are not utilized in the front page promotional advertising that appears at the beginning of the session.

Regardless, this is a solid site, and the software given by the high-tech Playtech ensures that you’ll be in good hands when it comes to visuals, game quality, and site design, among other things. Despite the fact that Flash downloads are required to enable the video sequences, everything will function just as you’d expect from a Playtech casino, whether you’re playing on a standard PC or a very small mobile device. Table games, a plethora of slot machines, and sports betting chances are all available.

Bonuses are something everyone wants.

So, what does MaxBet have to offer the eager potential consumer who has a plethora of casinos from which to choose? We want bonuses, and we want them right now. You may take advantage of a large welcome bonus, which will provide you up to 1200 RON (250 euros) on your first deposit. What happens next is determined on the amount of money you lose: You may earn a 25 percent deposit incentive for deposits between 40 and 49 RON, a 100 percent bonus for deposits between 50 and 199 RON, a bonus of 200 RON or more gives you a bonus of 200 percent up to 1800 RON, and you can get 4,000 RON for deposits between 4,000 and 12,000 RON if you are a big spender. There are a lot of noughts in that sentence.

You must make certain that the promo code is entered correctly in order for it to be accepted (a terribly novice error to make if you do not), and there are certain games where this percentage will be reduced. In other words, unless you’re playing slots or scratch cards, make sure you read the terms and conditions to ensure you know precisely what you’re getting – and that you’re getting the most for your money.

Not only that, but there is also a large choice of promotions available at any given moment, including a happy hour from 4pm till the stroke of midnight on Saturdays and Sundays, which is included in the welcome package. Take advantage of the 50 percent bonus MaxBet is offering this weekend by depositing at least 40 RON and you may get anything up to 1,500 RON in cash back, making for a very joyful few hours indeed. Free spins are available on featured games, and there are also weekly flash specials to take advantage of.

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