Slot Overview: The Wizard of Oz

Get ready for a trip to Australia with the Wizard of Aus slot machine from iSoftBet. It’s safe to assume that all players have heard of The Wizard of Oz, either the novel by L. Frank Baum or the film adaptation starring Judy Garland as Dorothy. To avoid having players get swept up by a tornado and deposited in a different universe, iSoftBet reversed the title with a clever play on words. As Aus is an abbreviation for Australia, this is a fantastic antipodean-themed adventure.

iSoftBet has focused a lot more on the magical than on the Australian side of things. The studio has stayed true to the original in most respects due to the fact that the Magic Mirror is a ripoff of Merlin’s. A Gandalf-like guy with corks dangling from his wizard hat and, more tenuously, a parrot perched in a tree on the right side of the game screen are all nods to Australia. Aside from these two oblique references, the remainder of Wizard of Aus is built on magic, as seen by the mystical woodland setting and medieval-style music. The calm atmosphere of Wizard of Aus is in keeping with the game’s attitude, which has its moments but is by no means a high-octane slot machine.

With 5 reels and 20 paylines, this slot game may be played on just about any mobile or desktop computer. The standard iSoftBet betting spread is available, with stakes ranging from 20 pence per spin for low rollers to £/€20 per spin for high rollers. The mathematical model generates a potential return value of 96.06% while rolling on medium volatility.

The crystal-like low-pays have 10-A insignia engraved in crystal, while the premium symbols include a potion bottle, a curiously illuminating book, an owl, and a pipe-smoking wizard. A payment of 8–25 times the entire investment is possible for a full line of premiums. Wild symbols in purple and gold can be used in lieu of any other symbol, including the scatter, to complete winning combos. If the highest combination on a line is made up entirely of wilds, the payout is equivalent to the maximum possible.

Wizard of Oz Slot Machine Functions

Wizard of Aus has two primary elements that include Magic Mirrors in one form or another, with a handful of additional modifiers that would make the Evil Queen from Snow White very happy. When three or more scatters appear, you’ll be awarded ten Magic Mirror Free Spins. For the duration of the free games, any scatters that triggered the feature will be changed into Magic Mirrors. Each Magic Mirror symbol at the end of a spin will disclose either a coin value or an identical symbol. If more Magic Mirrors appear during the feature, they will remain for the duration of the free spins.

The second perk is re-spins using a magic mirror. Magic Mirror Respins are activated when three matching symbols appear on reel one. The sticky sign that is shown by Magic Mirrors is chosen at random. If more matching symbols appear during a respin, the current set will be locked in place. When the grid is full or no more winning symbols appear, the winning sum is given out.

Add a couple adjectives here and there to round out this area. When enabled, Wizard Wilds transforms a certain number of symbols on the reels into wilds at the conclusion of each paid spin. Mystery Magic is the other. After a loss spin, a certain percentage of symbols are replaced with winning ones at random.

Case Analysis: Wizard of Oz Slots

When creating a game based on the culture of a specific nation, some studios go well beyond what is necessary. Any Australian-based gamers out there would feel a little shortchanged, but they might not have if Wizard of Aus was an entirely unique game. iSoftBet deserves some credit for taking a more subtle approach in this area, but don’t go to Bondi Beach wearing budgie smugglers and expecting another shrimp on the grill just because of that.

But iSoftBet has tried to bottle the laid-back, water off a duck’s back mentality of Australia, and the result is rather successful in Wizard of Aus. Wizard of Aus offers laid-back gameplay, focusing more on creating a mystical environment than on putting players on a nail-biting, all-or-nothing roller coaster. If you don’t have sky-high standards, the features are fine, and you may even get a passable outcome occasionally. Free spins with a Magic Mirror and few Respins can result in some decent coin winnings now and then. We may be too kind to iSoftBet’s Wizard of Aus, but the nice atmosphere they’ve created makes it tough to be harsh.

Finally, Wizard of Aus is a slot machine with a friendly presentation that might win over some casual gamers. If protecting yourself against the supernatural is a personal interest of yours, or if wandering through magical forests in search of owls at midnight seems like a fantastic date, Wizard of Aus may be the perfect fit for you. Don’t bother with this book if you’re hoping for a high-octane adventure involving a Dumbledore-type figure and a wild outback.

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